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GbEnglish version - Canal embankment for a new housing complex
Canal embankment for a new housing complex

This development project comprises the construction of new houses and apartment buildings. The sheet piling project consists of the installation of a vertical retaining wall for this new artificial canal used for berthing of private boats and yachts along these buildings.

The upper 10 m thick contaminated soil layer was removed, and the steel sheet piles were installed in a sandy backfill.
The sheet piles are relatively short and were driven into a loose soil layer with a vibratory hammer. The installation of sheet piles went quite smoothly: the experienced driving crew encountered no difficulties with the driving of the wide AZ12-770 sheet pile sections. On average, an installation speed of 200 m2/day was achieved. Furthermore, no specific adaptations to the vibrohammer were made, although using a double-clamp with the wide AZ steel sheet piles is generally more suitable.
This is the first worldwide project where a section from the new AZ13-770 series was installed.
Steel sheet piles (supplied as double piles with standard crimping):
- 316 AZ12-770,        L = 8.1 m,       S 355 GP,      372 t
- 114 AZ20-700,        L = 10.5 m,     S 355 GP,      200 t
Main contractor: KWS Infra
Driving company: Kandt bv
Driving equipment: ICE 7RFB vibrohammer fixed on a crawler crane