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GbEnglish version - The new PU 22 section...


As PU 20 has certain positive points regarding driving in very hard conditions, we did not want to loose a “hard driving” profile in our range. That’s why we developed the new PU 22 (see attached Info sheet).PU 22 is slightly heavier (3.1 kg/m2) than PU 20 but offers 10 % higher section modulus and has reinforced shoulders just as the AZ 48 to increase stiffness. 

 Production of PU 20 will stop by the end of the year 2003. PU 22 will be available from April 2004 on. During the transition period AU 20, AZ 19 and PU 24 (i.e PU 25-1,0 mm) can replace PU 20.