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GbEnglish version - General catalogue 2012 2nd edition
General catalogue 2012 2<SUP>nd</SUP> edition

Steel sheet piles are not usually associated with short-lived products that are quickly replaced with newer models. However, it is a fact that during the last years ArcelorMittal has been introducing on a regular basis innovative sections on the market. And consequently, older profiles tend to vanish from our rolling program.

This second edition of our general catalogue 2012 is available in English. It is a snapshot of our vast range of standard sheet piles and combined walls that will be offered from beginning of November 2012 on.

The main changes compared to the previous edition are:

  • new AZ 13-700 range
  • new GU 14N range
  • removal of the AZ 13 range

You may also notice that some rolled-up and rolled-down sections of the old AZ range, as well as some AU sections have been removed from the tables, although they can still be produced. Our intent is to simplify the task of the engineers when selecting a sheet pile, by putting forward those sections that are more cost-efficient and widely used. However, if you need information on these short-listed sheet piles, do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, for those who did not have a chance to have a look at the first 2012 edition, we would like to highlight some topics that were added in 2012: new sealing system Akila™, new steel grade  AMLoCor™, new sheet pile section AZ 44-700N and GU 18N

Click on the picture to download the electronic file (.pdf version)

You can also request a hard copy (click here to access the webpage with our brochures).

Released on October 26, 2012