Technische Unterstützung

Design assistance 

  • feasibility studies
  • dimensioning of pile structures
  • optimizing the technical and economic solutions
  • development of options to equivalent quality, at low cost, using ArcelorMittal products 
  • service life in corrosive environments
  • elaboration of anchorage systems
  • determination of fire-resistance of sheet piling in structures such as tunnels, bridges and underground car parks
  • pile projects and follow-up planning

Covering the following fields of application

  • retaining walls 
  • bridge abutments 
  • tunnels 
  • basements 
  • underground car parks 
  • water treatment plants 
  • pumping stations 
  • port facilities 
  • locks and dams 
  • waterfront structures 
  • excavations and trenches 
  • landfill and waste disposal (old and new)

Advisory service in-house advice 

  • in-house advice
  • advice to consulting engineers on the preparation of tender documents and lists of materials
  • comprehensive information on the use of the various steel grades and sections available











  • procurement of international standards and technical documentation
  • recommendation of specialists, such as pile driving contractors, anchorage manufacturers
  • information regarding suitable sheet pile design programs
  • advice for engineers, contractors and regional authorities regarding the appropriate driving methods and back-up 
  • recommendation for site-welding techniques
  • recommended coating systems  
  • prediction of vibration and noise emission by a special computer program


Practical help

  • driving plans (layout), special piles (detailed design of corner constructions, connections, box piles, toe reinforcements etc.)
  • supply of a design program to be used on PC for simple sheet pile constructions 
  • anchorage layout 
  • design of pile guides 
  • renting of driving caps 
  • site assistance in pile installation

Special features

  • interlock sealings of all types for specific requirements













  • calculation of seepage and pumping requirements
  • advice on aesthetic aspects for permanent structures 
  • vertical load-bearing capacity of sheet piling
  • behaviour of sheet piles under transverse load  

 Test and measurement laboratory 

  • laboratory
  • material testing
  • fire-resistance 
  • corrosion resistance  
  • service life of coating, sealants

 On site

  • precision seepage measurement of sealed sheet pile joints 
  • monitoring of corrosion 
  • monitoring of vibration and noise during installation


















  • monitoring load tests



  • in-house
  • seminars
  • lectures at technical colleges and universities