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Merak container terminal

The owner of the Merak container terminal is Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper (IKPP), part of one of the largest Indonesian conglomerates. During the initial phase, IKPP will use the new container terminal for its own needs, but it is planned to open it to the public in a second stage.
In close cooperation with International Sheet Piling Company (ISPC), the ProfilARBED subsidiary responsible for the marketing of piling sections, TradeARBED Singapore submitted several designs to the owner and the designer. The chosen solution is a combined wall, using an alternating ISPC pattern of sheet piles and pipe piles. The design proposed by TradeARBED and ISPC uses 3142 tons of AZ-type sheet piles, 9955 tons of pipe piles, 429 tons of tie-rods and 298 tons of special connectors.
Construction of the port started in June 1997. The last shipment of steel took place in July 1998. As part of its commitment to the customer, TradeARBED regularly provided technical support at the construction site. Another critical part of TradeARBED's assignment was to ensure that the various steel products got shipped to the construction site just-in-time.
This is the first combination wall installed in Indonesia and it has become a unique advertisement for ARBED products and service in Indonesia.

 Intermediary Sheet Piles AZ13, AZ26, AZ36
 Steel grade S 355 GP
 Mass 3 142 t