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Midtermolen Project

The central pier of the "Frihavnen", in the Port of Copenhagen has been reconstructed to offer 51000 m2 space for administration companies and businesses as well as private housing.
To construct the foundations with basements and car-parking, the old pier was surrounded with a steel sheet pile wall. This cofferdam retained the harbour water and permitted construction of the new foundations in the dry.
During the construction, the sheet piles were braced against the existing pier. To guarantee the impermeability of the cofferdam, the sheet pile interlocks were filled with an inexpensive hydrocarbon product that was easy to handle.
The Steel Sheet Piles were installed with a vibrohammer ICE 223, which had an additional weight of 2 tonnes, to permit easier penetration in the sandy harbour ground.
In a daily shift of 14 hours, the contractor was able to install up to a maximum of 50 double sheet piles, having the exceptional width of 1,34 m. The installation was completed in a record time of 4 months.
Once the foundation was complete, the space between the sheet piles was in filled. The sheet piles were then tied back to the pier and the struts were removed.
In this way, the temporary cofferdam that served the first phase of construction has been transformed into a new permanent quaywall structure. Thus, the sheet piles met the economic double function of a temporary and permanent structure.

Client East Asiatic Company, DK - PFA -C.G. Jensen A/S
Consultant Carl Bro A/S - Dansk Geoteknik A/S
Architect PLH Arkitekter A/S - Svend Kierkegaard APS
Contractor C.G. Jensen A/S, DK